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This course creates the software powering the next generation of blockbuster games. There are two distinct types of careers in games development – the technical programming side, and the creative art and design side.

The key areas include: advanced programming skills, using C++ as the core language throughout the course; 3D mathematics; industry standard APIs such as Microsoft’s DirectX, Unity etc.

You also work on web and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. As well as benefiting from an emphasis on DirectX, you gain experience with cross platform tools like Marmalade and Unity, which can target any device.

This course is one of only a small number of industry-accredited undergraduate technical courses in game programming in the UK. You gain the necessary skills for a career as a programmer, software development engineer or project manager in the games and visual media industry. Many graduates from this course work as game programmers or lead programmers, also referred to as engineers in the game industry. Previous graduates have also gone on to work as software engineers in other areas of IT.